NDT - Non destructive testing

While Rhosonics is specialized in ultrasonic technology for process industries, we also developed ToFD inspection solutions, used worldwide for demanding applications. ToFD means Time-of-Flight Diffraction. This is technology widely used for NDT (Non Destructive Testing) which is a method to test welds or metal works on defects or small imperfections the eye cannot reach. By using two ultrasonic probes a visual image can be created to determine whether materials still meet the requirements. Inspection companies benefit from Rhosonics' expertise in this field, who has been supplying transducers, wedges and other components for automated ToFD already since 1991.

Some major products

• Piezo composite screw-in type of transducers.
• High-temperature wedges for screw-in transducers
• Wedges for screw-in transducers
• Amplifiers
• Phased array transducers

Advantages of the technique
• Quick implementation
• Combined detection and sizing capabilities
• High probability of detection

The piezo composite technology, as employed by Rhosonics for ToFD testing of machines, boilers, vessels and pipes, offers inspection engineers the following advantages:
• High sensitivity and s/n ratio (+10 to + 50dB) compared to conventional TOFD transducers, while keeping a short pulse length
• Centre frequency from 1 to 15 MHz
• Access to difficult area thanks to miniaturisation
• Tight specification level
• Extremely long life time, even under the normally rugged field condition

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